Critical Infrastructure Control

Specialized control panel to monitor and assist when mother nature drops too much rain. This control is handling and monitoring a water run off system in a large metropolitan city. The control has imbedded alarms and PlC control to automatically monitor pumps and flow. The system can be tested automatically and has manual overrides in case runoff has to be diverted in a emergency situation.

Provisions were made for future expansion of the system as the city grows. The system has a battery back up to keep things running smooth in case of a power failure.

A man machine interface keeps track and logs how the system handled itself during its operation.

Installation 2015

Design / Build Chilled Water System

This system was a retrofit to a existing MCC and a new control panel to provide chilled water to several injection molding machines. The previous control’s were out of date and no longer reliable. We designed, built, programmed and commissioned this new system. Chilled water pumps, recirculation pumps, chilled water tower pump down and chiller cooling fans were all incorporated into a fully automatic on demand system.

The system ran with input from the demand of machines running, analog sensors monitoring temperature, and flow to maintain adequate cooling of the injections machines. Manual interface could be achieved to bypass certain areas for maintenance and high demand areas.

Installation 2014

Retrofit of Steel Roll Former Machine

Electrically aged and obsolete controls for a steel roll former. Customer needed a new control panel which ran a roll former. We went in took pictures and redesigned the existing control panel with current technology. Provided new component’s, new drawings and complete Bill of Materials. Existing programs were used as a guideline to be incorporated into the new roll former. New panel and controls were built off site and implemented during a one week plant shutdown.

Installation 2016

Custom Paint Mixing and Application Automation

Brand new paint line controls for a semi-truck assembly line. We designed the control panel around the mechanics of the automation required to move the cab along a paint line. From concept to completion the controls were designed, approved, built and programmed in accordance with the specification’s provided. Recipes for speed, paint color and size of cab were stored in a man machine interface.

Installation 2016